BOOP DESIGNS – Laura Pearcy – Ceramics and Jewellery

My jewellery and ceramics celebrate my love of found objects, memory and residue, print, and textiles and tell stories of memories I have growing up in Somerset and of childhood interests and innocence as well as the people and things that I loved:  My Grandmother and my great Aunt Deeda; her button box, their Victorian house in Bristol, full of interesting objects and jewellery, summer meadows, birds and butterflies; dandelion clocks, daisy chains, old spoons and keys, my dolls house tea sets and nursery rhymes all were collected and treasured. These are the objects that continue to inspire me today and can be seen as hand drawn illustrations printed onto surfaces or as slip cast objects in my jewellery.  I have always enjoyed collecting and still spend many hours at flea markets, car boot sales and antiques shops in search of the unusual or the beautiful object that will become the next treasured piece.

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The jewellery is made by slip casting and press mounding found objects to make charms, then assembling them onto silver chains for necklaces and charm bracelets or brooches.
My ceramic pieces are all slip cast from bottle moulds made from a few of my treasured glass bottle collection.  They are then glazed and fired before finally adding my hand drawn illustrations, poems or quotes to the surfaces as ceramic transfers.

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