Bridget Winterbourne

Even as a child I was interested in art. My mother is an extremely talented artist and her influence sparked the enthusiasm in me. She would finish her daily chores and sit with me in the evening teaching me how to paint, collage, sew and create. I was fascinated by the wonderful creations we produced from bits and pieces and the abundance of her art materials.

This is where it all started and would have continued but, on leaving school, my father insisted I attend college. So I studied a Business Diploma, though I would have preferred to have gone to Art College to follow my creative passion.

My artistic side was surpressed for many years. However, I thrived in the business environment and have become a partner in a successful engineering company. After marrying and raising children, now in their teens, two years ago I was finally in a position to pursue my artistic dreams. This took time as I had to teach myself all the skills involved in the many different artistic mediums and materials I was fascinated and inspired by. I have now established my own style and have brought together, in my book ‘Art to Inspire’, a collection of my work so far. In this book I present the pictures that I have created over the last two years.

I have been asked many times what drives me to paint and my only answer is that it is part of me. It is a burning passion which is part of my core and I just have to do it. When I paint nothing else matters. I am totally absorbed in the picture I am working on. As far as I am concerned time goes by without my noticing , the world stops turning.

Given the opportunity I would spend every moment painting landscapes and seascapes. My burning passion is to capture my feelings towards nature in my artwork.

You can find out more about me, my inspiration, techniques and how I work in my book ‘Art to Inspire’.

after-the-storm-bridget after-the-storm-scan bedazzled i-simply-live-in-the-meadow-1812-crop let-me-hide-dh-crop scatter-of-white-lace-copy_1 they-grow-where-they-please-1812-1 waysides-gold we-are-happy-here-14

Items for sale in the gallery by artist, Bridget Winterbourne


I simply live in the meadow – Bridget Winterbourne


Scatter of White lace- Bridget Winterbourne


Wayside’s Gold – Bridget Winterbourne


They grow where they please – Bridget Winterbourne


We are happy here 14 – Bridget Winterbourne


After the Storm – Bridget Winterbourne