Caroline Barnes - Ceramics

Caroline Barnes – Ceramics

Handmade porcelain products decorated with platinum. Buttons, Jewellery, coaster tiles and pictures.

Caroline Barnes is a ceramicist working in porcelain and platinum from her workshop in Dorset. Trained in ceramics and silversmithing she has been producing decorative ceramics for 15 years. The combination of this high quality white clay and luxurious metal make her work highly distinctive. Images of seedheads, fossils and feathers are taken from her sketches made on the coast. You will find ammonites, dandelions and fossilised squid amongst her work. Caroline produces beautiful decorative coasters with images inspired by the Jurassic Coast in the South West. By combining subtle glazes and a layer of real platinum these coasters are both decorative and functional.

Caroline’s collection also includes delicate porcelain buttons again decorated with real platinum, perfect for customising knitwear, shirts or any garment that needs an extra special feature. Coasters or buttons make the perfect gift for those with an eye for detail and quality.

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