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Claire Hall – Glass


Award winning glass artist Claire Hall originally trained as a sculptor, working in wood and steel and has an honours degree in Fine Art and a P.G.C.E. in Art, Design and Technology.  In 20013 she received an award from the South West Arts Council which enabled her to study with Kate Drew-Wilkinson, a prominent bead artist from America.

It was during her time travelling America, in the early nineties, that she was introduced to working with glass.Claire then spent the next six years learning the art of bead making in the remote mountains of West Virginia.

Claire’s design inspiration is drawn from her fascination with landscape and rich intense colour.  All her beads are individually made over a hot oxy-propane flame (a process known as lampworking) and wound onto a metal mandrel, skilfully layering colours and melting them together.  The bead is finally shaped and cooled in a kiln.  Her hand-made fused glass jewellery uses a different technique which, in simple terms, involved cutting layers of cold glass and fusing them together at very high temperatures to create unique fusion patterns and colours.

Claire is a member of North Somerset Arts (currently the Outreach Coordinator), The Contemporary Glass Society and The Somerset Guild.


Items for sale in the gallery by artist, Claire Hall - Glass

Claire Hall Glass - Jewellery

Claire Hall Glass – Jewellery Range – Earrings

Claire Hall Glass - Ripple Bowl

Claire Hall Glass – Small Ripple Bowl

Claire Hall Glass - Somerset Levels

Claire Hall Glass – Powder Glass Bowl – ‘Somerset Levels’

Claire Hall - Glass Pendant

Claire Hall Glass – Jewellery Range – Pendants

Claire Hall Glass

Claire Hall Glass – Small Gravity Drop Vases