Hayley Jones

I am a self-taught Artist and my name is Hayley Jones, I live and work in Clevedon, North Somerset. I am middle aged mum of a teenage son, a little too plump (I have a weakness for cake) and very camera shy, this is a rare photo taken on my Birthday in May 2014 by my Arty Friend.
I love the sky and the sea, nature the colours and creatures, flowers and plants, trees of our natural world, I love my garden and my two pet ducks, I love wood and metal especially Rust, and not forgetting the sparkle of Glitter. I love the thought of Faeries and magical worlds, and I love to be creative. These are the things that inspire my work.

After I was made redundant from an office job some years back, I had time at last for me, to be able create and soon needed a studio space to work on my paintings which I started to sell.
With support and encouragement from my Fiancé, I moved into an Old Coach House which had been left disused for fifteen or more years and created a studio upstairs and opened a small Gallery downstairs. What a wonderful experience I met and discovered a host of new friends and creations I would not have come across if I had not entered into the world of an Artist.
But after four years I found that the Gallery of my own making, was taking up all my time and I had less and less of it to work on my own pieces.
So another new chapter started, a lovely lady took on the Gallery for her own creative business….. I had a studio built at home in the garden and now have time to experiment on new projects and learn new skills, Wire Sculpture is now a complete addiction.
I have a happy balance of painting in the day and working on my wire work at night, although there are still never enough hours in 24.
So as I settle into this new routine I hope you enjoy my progress and possibly follow me onto future plans of moving to Italy later next year for a few years of culture and experience, and maybe I will be carving marble statues in years to come.
chicken-on-sleeper cockerel-on-sacktruck-sold-2 hayley16s kingfisher-and-bullrush low-tide moorhens-on-sleeper pheasant swallows