Holly Flower

Holly grew up sometimes in Devon and sometimes on a boat, being home schooled, while she and her brother, mum and dad merrily sailed part way around the world!

On returning to the UK, she fell in love with textile art and all things designing and making.

After a brief crazy spell in the commercial and corporate world she returned to full time making, and started creating quirky little pictures as gifts for friends and family.

This hobby soon became the busy and chirpy business it is today. Holly, now based in the West Country, specialises in using freestyle machine embroidery and appliqué to create her contemporary and kooky pieces – pictures, bags, cushions, aprons, greeting cards and bunting. Each piece is unique, and most are made on a commission basis. All work is designed, made and framed by Holly…though her son has recently taken a paid role in the business, and is Post Office Boy….luckily his fee is mainly chocolate brownies….

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