Jacqui Watkins – Textiles, Etching, Fabric Block Printing

Jacqui is a Bristol based designer and printmaker with a background in textile design and surface pattern. Over the past ten years she has been combining my love for drawing and pattern within the practice of printmaking. Increasingly, she have strived to go back to her roots in textile design, stripping it back to a more traditional form of hand printing by cutting individual lino blocks.

“I am always drawing, collecting bits and pieces and taking photographs and will admit to being a bit of a hoarder!  My studio space is caving in under the strain of sketch books, fabric, shells and seed heads. The range of patterns is constantly evolving as I gather inspiration from my love for plants and flowers, anything in my or my friends’ kitchens, or even just my back garden.I am never without my sketch pad or a camera, as you never know where the next idea will spring from”

Jacqui’s designs are clean, fresh and simple, and the method of block printing also gives a lovely textural, slightly faded quality to the image.

“Each piece of fabric is hand printed and therefore unique, this adds to the excitement as you never know until you lift up the block what lies underneath. Jacqui’s product range is expanding all the time and now includes cards ,tea towels ,mugs and coasters.”


Items for sale in the gallery by artist, Jacqui Watkins - Textiles, Etching, Fabric Block Printing


Linen Print Cards – Jacqui Watkins

Gingko Leaf cushions 1

Gingko Leaf Cushions – Jacqui Watkins

Coasters and Notepads

Coasters & Notepads – Jacqui Watkins

Black bird linocut (framed) 1

Blackbird Linocut – Jacqui Watkins

Birds in Flight (framed) 1

Birds in Flight Linocut – Jacqui Watkins