Michael John Crook

Since childhood I have loved working with my hands in the making of virtually any creative project. At school only woodwork and art kept my interest. Eventually, when at Art College, I combined the two subjects into one and discovered a passion for wood sculpture.

To take an already uniquely beautiful, naturally formed material and then sculpt it into my own design became a privilege. I simply relish being inspired by the pure lines of nature, that can be seen all around us and interpreting them into sculpture. Birds, animals, smoke, fish, the human form and flames have all been beginnings for my work, however I believe creativity should never be a slave to subject matter. Instead the original concept must be just that, a starting point. An idea free to alter and grow, to develop with artistic instinct, until eventually a one off, finished sculpture.

All my work is created from fully seasoned timbers, which on completion are polished then waxed. Like any quality piece of wood furniture they will last indefinitely in an indoor location, benefitting from an occasional refresh of wax polish.


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