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Vicky Oldfield - Three Cups - 11/20

Vicky Oldfield – Three Cups

Vicky Oldfield - Tulip 5/20

Vicky Oldfield – Tulip


Wayside’s Gold – Bridget Winterbourne


We are happy here 14 – Bridget Winterbourne

painting Harriett Whyatt What a Good Year for the Roses

What a Good Year for the Roses – Harriett Whyatt

Whispering Hills 15x15cm £90UF £130F

Whispering Hills

Winter garden 1

Winter Garden – Gail Kelly

James Tatum Winter Gorse Dartmoor

Winter Gorse, Dartmoor – James Tatum SWAc

Oil on board painting names 'Yellow Table with Grapes' by Jenny Danby

Yellow Table with Grapes – Jenny Danby